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    Energy Resource Guide for Virginia

Searching for answers to your energy questions . . .

The Energy Resource Guide for Virginia provides Virginia's households, farms, small business/industry employees, and middle school teachers and students with an electronic tool that allows individuals to review an array of energy information quickly.

Discover the best available web-based resources on energy.

Review recommended listings representing various universities, state and federal agencies, and energy related organizations.

FIRSTGOV for Consumers is an excellent location to find federal information resources on food, health, product safety, your money, and transportation.

Home Energy

Begin your search of the guide with a review of Home Energy. Use Appalachian Power's home-energy estimator to project your energy-use costs, calculate the cost of operating home appliances, and discover how switching to compact fluorescent bulbs will save you money.

Agriculture Energy

Agricultural producers must consider alternative energy for their farms. FarmWise: Agriculture Energy provides you with references to the AgSTAR Program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The ATTRA, National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service's website, offers a discussion on anaerobic digestion of animal wastes.

Transportation Energy

Transportation experts are developing alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles. Within TravelWise: Transforming Transportation, you will find a list of hybrid-car dealers, information on fuel performance, and an explanation of vehicle tax credits.

Business & Industry Energy Management

The Business & Industry Energy Management section of the guide includes the energy audit workbook and energy solutions database, significant tools in implementing energy cost-saving solutions.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has everyone's attention.

Energy and the Middle School Student

Virginia's middle school students are responsible for understanding energy concepts as part of the Virginia Standards of Learning. The Energy & the Middle School Student section of the guide provides both students and teachers with resources to assist them in reaching this goal.


The Energy Resource Guide for Virginia is reviewed and updated at regular intervals.  Send your suggestions for changes to

Developed by Martha A. Walker, Ph.D., Extension Community Viability Specialist, Central District. Reviewed by Bobby Grisso, Jr., Ph.D, Professor of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.

Access Using the Energy Resource Guide for Virginia Website for a summary of the resources on this site.

The resource guide was developed in partnership with the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy; the Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives; and American Electric Power.


    American Electric Power




    Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives


    Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy