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Transportation Energy

Transportation experts are developing alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles. Within TravelWise: Transforming Transportation, you will find a list of hybrid-car dealers, information on fuel performance, and an explanation of vehicle tax credits.

The Virginia Energy Savers Handbook also offers tips for reducing transportation energy use and expenses.

Alternative Fuels reviews a listing of alternative fuels including biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, propane, and P-Series. Also offers an opportunity to compare fuel properties.

Hybrid Vehicles presents a listing of hybrid car dealers, hybrid car classifieds, and a gas mileage impact calculator. Also, compare various vehicle's fuel mileage.

Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles defines the HEV technologies and the research of the National Renewal Energy Laboratory.

GreenerCars offers a list of the automobiles rated as environmental "green." A fee-based subscription services is also available.

Fuel Performance addresses the research on fuels performance.

The Virginia Energy Savers Handbook suggests tips for reducing energy and expenses incurred in transportation.

Vehicle Fuel Economy the official US government source for fuel economy information.

Vehicle Tax Credits defines the tax credit and provides responses to several questions.