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Turf and horticulture experts detail best management practices in how to attain a great looking lawn and landscape with environmentally-friendly management strategies.  What grasses and ornamental plants are best suited for your site? How do you establish or renovate a lawn or ornamental bed?  How do you safely and effectively manage pests? The following podcasts can help guide you toward a healthy, happy lawn and garden!

Summer brings more of the challenges of living in a transition zone environment to the lawn and landscape with the arrival of the heat and varying periods of moisture and drought. Warm-season turfgrasses thrive in the heat of summer as do warm-season weeds. Cool-season turfgrasses often require either special attention or no attention at all (i.e. leave them alone!). Turf and Garden Tips offers timely tips that will help you meet the challenges in achieving a great looking, environmentally friendly lawn.

  • Jul 08, 2015

    Lawn Management During Heat and Drought

    This podcast describes best management practices in optimizing the growth and health of cool-season lawns during periods of extended heat and drought.

  • Jul 07, 2015

    Summer Grassy Weed Control in Lawns

    This podcasts discusses the predominant summer grassy weeds found in Virginia's lawns, some tips in how to identify them, and presents options and challenges in their control. 

  • Jul 06, 2015

    Beetlemania—White Grub Control in Lawns

    This podcast describes methods in identifying grub damage in lawns, how to optimize treatment effectiveness, and the role that beetle traps might play in pest management around the landscape.

  • Jul 05, 2015

    Driving Homeowners ‘Nuts – Sedge’ in the Lawn

    Have you got ‘grass patches’ that grow at least twice as fast  as your turf during the summer, even during some of the hottest weather possible?  You likely are combating yellow nutsedge, a common warm-season lawn weed all across Virginia.

  • Jul 04, 2015

    Moles and Voles

    While there is no easy way to control moles and voles, it helps to understand their biology and their habits in order to best develop a program in their management.

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